Our fruit auctions

Auctions of apples and pears are held daily at 7:30 am during the season except Sundays.

Sigmundskron Fruit Auctioneers (OVS) has a sales hall that forms the heart of the auction business. This room sees the law of supply and demand implemented each day. The buyers’ stand can accommodate 36 buyers, and each buyer position is equipped with a pushbutton.

A computerised auction clock guarantees very fast and efficient sales. The clock displays various data: lot number, grade, quality block. Price movements can be seen and followed on the light circle with its 100 flashing lights.

Transactions are settled as follows: the light circle always rotates anticlockwise from a higher starting price to a lower end price. The products are then auctioned off at a discount. The buyer who presses the button first seals the transaction. The price and buyer number are automatically displayed at the same time.


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