First-hand quality – SELECT

Fresh apples and pears from South Tyrol

Quality takes pride of place with us. This is made possible by the skilled farmers who grow and harvest our fruit. South Tyrolean apples are known far beyond its borders.

Our auction company is GLOBAL GAP certified and our suppliers produce goods according to the principles of integrated farming.

The SELECT quality brand guarantees high quality as well as uniform size (at least 70 mm) and ripeness. SELECT is thus a quality concept on the Italian market with the slogan “First-hand quality”. Auction suppliers constantly strive to increase the proportion of SELECT products by proper thinning and careful harvesting. The various operational areas such as personal hygiene, buildings, harvesting techniques and transportation are all strictly controlled.

Production can be tracked down to the smallest detail, from cultivation to sale. Cultivation, hygiene and plant protection are registered and checked by the quality personnel at the auctioneers. Samples are also taken at regular intervals for analysis in an accredited, independent laboratory. We also know which farm each product comes from and when and where it was harvested.

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